Adventure Stories

Andy Campbell's third fantastic children's story book — better than ever!
Why are homing pigeons so vital to have on board when going on a family outing? Why should old men owning museums never be underestimated by art thieves? And why should one be careful when flying a monster kite on a windy day? Andy Campbell's answers to these questions make exciting, thrilling, delightful reading (or reading aloud). This book, the third in Andy's series of adventurous and often hair-raisingly suspenseful stories for and about children in the Caribbean, is fabulously illustrated by Trinidadian up-and-coming illustrator Ryan James. And because Andy is a retired pilot, there is always the thrill of flying involved somewhere in his stories ... and if it's only tribal blow-darts whirring about in the night!
7 x 10", 112 pages in colour, softcover
Illustrations by Ryan James
ISBN 976-8054-84-5
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