Agostini’s Limited 2012 Annual Report

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For Agostini's 2012 Annual Report, the 50th Anniversary of the Independence of Trinidad and Tobago was celebrated with the "Hats in the Air" design, to represent celebration of this historic event. The company took the opportunity to celebrate their strong history within the region, giving nods to their subsidiaries that originated before the country had achieved Independence. To round it all off, we photographed directors and top management in a relaxed way and featured the subsidiary's CEOs with one-page testimonials. The "Hat in the Air"  concept was first created in a three dimensional way Michelle Aboud and in order to adapt it for the annual report 3, brimmed party hats were purchased in the national colours red, white and black. The hats were then photographed at various angles and the pictures were used to build the celebratory graphics. Design and Layout by Alice Besson Hats Concept by Michelle Aboud Photography by Alice Besson Printed by Caribbean Print Technologies
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