GHL 2012 Annual Report

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The 2012 Annual Report for Caribbean Insurance giant Guardian Holdings Limited was designed around the idea of turning the complexities of life into benefits for the people of the Caribbean and beyond. The celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Independence for Trinidad and Tobago that year afforded GHL the chance to reflect on their past challenges and successes as wel as a chance to look towards the future. The Report was awarded the 2013 Platinum MarCom Award for its design. We wrote pertinent copy around the theme and designed several display pages, interpreting how GHL's experts unravel the complexities of the financial world to the benefit of their customers. Also new this year as per our suggestion was a page with Key Performance Indicators.   Design and Layout by Alice Besson, Paria Publishing Co. Ltd. Photography by Garth Murrell, Alice Besson, Abigail Hadeed Other photos from Dreamstime/istockphoto Printed by Caribbean Print Technologies Ltd.
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