Abraka Ltd

The Magic Starts with the first bite!

Abraka Poster (FAW)


Beef label

Design: Dominic Besson

Above: A poster and round label.

Abraka Ltd. captures the magic of healthy home cooked food! As a small family business they sell homemade burger patties and an assortment of delectable desserts. The Costelloe's magical and mystical ingredients makes these burgers taste out of this world. Instead of saying "Abracadabra" and pulling a useless rabbit out of a hat, you can say "Abraka Burger" or "Abraka Carrot Cake" and presto, a delicious hearty meal appears before your very eyes!

When formulating a branding concept Paria Publishing took the idea of good-old fashioned home cooking and combined it with the allure  of great tasting food and enchanted ingredients which guarantee "The Magic Starts at the fist bite".

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