Demerara Mutual Calendar 2015

Designed by: Alice Besson Printed by: The Office Authority Ltd. We are so egg-cited to present to you Demerara Mutual's egg-strodinary Calendar that features, you've guessed it...Eggs! This quirky calendar features a big, bright sunny-side up, die-cut egg on the cover and is titled "Sunny Side Up, 2015". Demerara Mutual continue to get the very best creative designs from Paria Publishing because they are the very creative customers who allow us to let our creative juices flow and this results in the very best communications for their employees, shareholders and customer. Each month features an egg and an insightful saying inspired by these tasty, shelled treats! This calendar follows on from last year's calendar that promoted exercise and healthy living, this year focuses on mental health and promotes positive thinking. Have an egg-cellent 2015 everyone! DM Wall (cover).indd July IMG_1033May 2015March    
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