ANSCAFE Book 2014

AnscafeDesign and Artwork: Alice Besson

Printed by: The Office Authority Limited

                                                                For the tenth anniversary of the Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence, Paria Publishing was contracted to produce a coffee-table commemorative book for the organisation. With a very short deadline, this would not have been possible without the excellent preparation and photographic skills of Dr. Raymond Ramcharitar, the after-hour editing and proofreading skills of Maria Superville-Neilson, and the professional printing services of the Office Authority. Featuring the life stories of the ANSCAFE awardees over the years, "An Excellent Decade" has extremely good content that serves as an inspiration to all Caribbean people. And for those having attended the functions, dozens of photographs serve as a reminder of a festive occasion that made everybody feel proud to be of this region.

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Raymond Ramcharitar, Alice Besson                            Raymond Ramcharitar, Alice Besson, Maria Superville-Neilson and Jerry Besson

 and Maria Superville-Neilson

ANSCAFE is the first and only regional, non-governmental programme of its type, and it is a tribute to Anthony Sabga’s reputation that it has attracted such distinguished men and women to serve on the Eminent Persons Panel and the Country Committees since 2005, when it began. The chosen Laureates have been widely recognised as icons of excellence in the region.

The Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence (ANSCAFE) were first awarded  in 2006. This unique scheme was inspired by Wilfred Naimool, with the late Michael Mansoor working out the all-important details about categories (Arts & Letters, Public & Civic, Science & Technology), selection procedures and criteria. The ANSCAFE Eminent Persons Panel makes the final selection from nominees sent up by five Country Nominating Committees (Barbados, Guyana, Jamaica, the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States and Trinidad & Tobago). In the ten years that have passed since ANSCAFE’s inception, seven ceremonies have been hosted in Port of Spain, and 23 exceptional men and women have been awarded. They range from solar energy entrepreneurs, medical researchers, geneticists, artists, archaeologists, museologists, and children’s, environmental, and poverty alleviation activists throughout the region. ANSCAFE also recognised the contribution of the First Peoples and named three members of the Guyanese First People nations as laureates in the persons of Annette Arjoon-Martins in 2008, Sydney Allicock in 2010 and George Simon in 2012. This book celebrates a decade of ANSCAFE and the achievements of the men and women who worked so diligently in making Anthony N. Sabga’s dream come true: to make the Caribbean a better place for all.   “In giving back to the society Anthony N. Sabga has sought to influence the nation in positive ways. And his impact has been regional as well as national. Anthony Sabga deserves to be recognised as one of the makers of the modern nation in the twentieth century.”  (Prof. Bridget Brereton) Chaconia formal picture                   “I look forward to the day that the ANSA Caribbean Awards will bring all the peoples of the Caribbean together; that they will foster goodwill; and that they will be an inspiration to all. My most fervent hope is that all our Laureates, those present and those yet to come, will be beacons of Caribbean unity, of entrepreneurship, and that they will be standards of excellence for growth and development in each of our islands.The Anthony N. Sabga Caribbean Awards for Excellence was given birth in Trinidad and Tobago, but it is a gift to all West Indians.” (Anthony N. Sabga, ORTT, Hon LL.D (UWI))  
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