Linkage Q1 2015

Linkage Q2 2015.indd

Linkage Q1 2015 is a collectors item of sorts, as it is the first of the redesigned Linkage magazines. The new branding is proudly displayed on the cover of the magazine for all the world to see. The interior pages have also taken on a new cleaner, stronger appearance as shown below. AMCHAM T&T has given a detailed rational for the new logo design : The main design element of the AMCHAM Trinidad and Tobago logo elegantly represents fluidity and constant movement while uniting the Americas in this effortless illustration. Utilising the colours of the national flags of the United States of America and Trinidad and Tobago, these graceful ribbons suggest continuous development and strengthening of the relationship between both nations even as we show the widening scope of AMCHAM Trinidad and Tobago. Design and Artwork by Alice and Dominic Besson Printed by Caribbean Print Technologies                                 Linkage Q2 2015.inddLinkage Q2 2015.indd                                     Linkage Q2 2015.indd
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