GHL AR 2015

GHL 2015 coverSo nice they did it thrice! The Guardian Group Once again kept with their bold, die cut design from 2 years ago, that they decided to let it make its third appearance for their 2015 AR. For 2015 GHL incorporated elements of their 2016 calendar design into the interior layout, continuing to spread the message of "the practice of mindful living" that is the embodiment of their brand. Live Easy! Design and Artwork: Paria Publishing Co. Ltd. Printing: Caribbean Print Technologies Ltd. Photography of Directors and Management: Garth Murrell, Alice Besson, Abigail Hadeed Other photos: Dreamstime/Shutterstock               GHL Interior 2015 new.indd GHL Interior 2015 new.indd GHL Interior 2015 new.indd
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