Radio & TV Advertising

Citizens Bank For Citizens Bank in Guyana, we created a new branding campaign with the motto "Right here, right now". Here are two television spots that were part of the campaign: Citizens Bank "Clock" Ad: Citizens Bank "Clock" Citizens Bank "Open Doors" Ad: Citizens Bank "Open Doors" _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Demerara Mutual "Have you heard?" This fun campaign for Caribbean insurance company Demerara Mutual was based on people gossiping about this and that in their community. This takes the apprehension out of insurance and makes the provider "one of the people, for the people." Have a listen! You have a friend in Demerara Mutual Christmas Jingle Ding-dong-dong - Demerara Mutual wanted to wish happy holidays to their audiences and we added some reindeers to their regular jingle. Arranged and mixed by Francis Escayg. Future Builder - Gracy Future Builder - Steve Life Lines - Inheritance Life Lines - Backpay Critical Illness - Stroke Critical Illness - Cancer Funeral Insurance - Old Persad Funeral Insurance - Kind of Music _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Demerara Mutual's "No Worries" Radio Campaign: "Insurance - Protection - No Worries" was the tagline and jingle for Demerara Mutual's second campaign. We created radio spots for their various policies, and also did a radio spot: Future Builder Life Lines Critical Illness Finished Jingle “Insurance - Protection - No Worries” Arranged and recorded by Francis Escayg  

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