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Parables of Our Joyless Days

Trinidad painter-cum-poet LeRoy Clarke wrote this masterpiece as an "Epitaph for a Citizen" - this citizen being, in fact, he himself! Dedicated to his numerous mentors, he explores the changes that have happened in his world and his country, his space, over his lifetime, with particular reference to the recent past. The book is illustrated with drawings from his archives and from his new series "Hayti". The cover features a gold foiling of title and picture frame, which gives the book a sumptuous feel.  



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Symmetries of Word Made Flesh

"Symmetries" is a precious little gem, which was produced in both a hardcover and reinforced softcover version. LeRoy wanted to achieve a whimsical, gift-like feel for this small book, which features in essence five poems excerpted from "Parables of our Joyless Days", illustrated with particular drawings from his archives. Lovingly designed and produced, "Symmetries" became exactly what the author had in mind: an appealing, slim volume that fits in one's palm!



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Hardcover Leroy Rituals.indd

Hardcover Leroy Rituals.inddHardcover Leroy Rituals.indd Eyeing De Word

LeRoy Clarke is among the very few who possess the gift of metaphor, who are gifted to live in language and know intensely and profoundly that language is simultaneously our ascent from his "populous Capital City of Filth" and our fall from the domain of the hills "Where wind and river flow like wild honey to your veins."

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Human history as the history of successive metaphors lets us see this "new" poet as one of the more engaging vanguards of the species. He who can "eye" de world generates interesting metaphors and access to a realm of new possibilities. In time, as Wilson Harris has noted, these exciting possibilities may become a tapestry or orchestration of probabilities. - David Brizan While words do not always have or convey an exact or visible meaning, when posited in metaphoric treatise emanating from histories of intimacies, like this work they congeal in a meditative matrix whose prestige is absolute beauty. These poems are engaging with childlike naivety right alongside aesthetic sophistication; examining death and life; critiquing order and anarchy; exploring organic and inorganic. His penchant for allegory ripens. Ettelyne becomes the embodiment of the muse. - Caroline Ravello


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Voice of a Smouldering Coal

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Secret Insect of A Bird Deep In Me, Wanting to Fly


"Clarke has marketed his oeuvre with the zeal and panache of a super salesman. There is the writing; the public utterance; the naming of the pictures and even the adoption of "black" ethnic personal imaging which have forced the public to deal with the pictures, whether they wish to or not. Clarke's physical and vocal presence has made it impossible to avoid him! How else would he survive as a painter? How could he sell his work here?" -Pat Bishop   "LeRoy in drawing retains his humility, as it is to pull in to see a friend, to discuss attitudes to form, to offer a hand in gift and equal receipt of sublime energies, a smile and laugh, the exchange of messages of hope and encouragement, and the great humors of elements shared. The drawings reek of that intimacy of graceful chosen moments of wisdoms imparted in quiet. The silent visual script holds secrets of absolute delicacy, the churning of the mind delving into realms of the personal sacred, ideas that suddenly make your eyes cloud over, things that could never be uttered but admitted and revealed in the twist of a line, a jerk of the narrative, the record of how things come to mind." - Eddie Bowen  

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De Distance is Here

Hardcover Leroy Rituals.indd

Hardcover Leroy Rituals.indd

Hardcover Leroy Rituals.indd

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