Ministry of Public Utilities Water Resources Management Policy

The Ministry of Public Utilities, together with The Environment Water Resources Management Unit came to us in 2007 to assist them in creating their National Integrated Water Resources Management Policy. We worked with them to create a visually appealing booklet which presented its information in a structured and straightforward manner.

Ministry of Finance TTIFC Symposium Booklet

For the Ministry of Finance’s Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre ‘Expanding and Diversifying the Economy’ symposium held in 2008,  we created a booklet presenting post-symposium information. This booklet (also available in CD-format), contains the speeches given at the symposium and slides from the main powerpoint presentation. It serves to fill those who did not attend in on what they’d missed, as well as serves as a memory-freshener for those who were present.

BG Trinidad and Tobago Employee Handbook

Working with as large as a company as BG, it is easy to feel like a little fish in a big pond. Working closely with BG’s Corporate Communications department, we were able to create an employee handbook that ensures this overwhelming feeling is taken care of, providing all of the information that employees should know. While observing visuals encompassing each aspect of life in BG, employees can read about benefits, career paths, rules and much more; everything you need to know to get the most out of your job experience.