The Spirit of Traditions Herbal Exhibition

This exhibition, held in 2003 by the Museum at the House of Angostura in association with the Herbarium at the University of the West Indies and the Caribbean Association of Researchers and Herbal Practitioners demonstrated the wide variety of flora found within Trinidad and Tobago. The long and established tradition of herbal healing, curing and minding has been handed down through oral tradition for centuries. For those who believed these to be ‘old wives tales’, that stereotype was removed with the endearing collaboration of science and tradition utilised in the exhibition, highlighting the many uses of botanicals in our everyday lives.

The Spirit of Christmas – The Divine Child Exhibition

For the Museum at the House of Angostura’s “The Spirit of Christmas” display in 2002, we came up with the idea of paying tribute to the cosmopolitan culture of Trinidad and Tobago. The exhibition, centered around the divine child, depicted the divine child through the ages in the many cultures of our nation, as well as the various religions. From the traditional child to the Amerindian to the Hindu, the Christmas exhibition was designed for all of Trinidad and Tobago’s peoples.

The Spirits of Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Folklore Exhibition







Museum at the House of Angostura