University of Trinidad & Tobago’s ‘Righting the Future’ Campaign

The ‘Righting the Future’ is an inaugural branding image campaign that we created for UTT at their increption. In that year, we gave a name to and launched the Tamana Intech Park, as well as organised the first graduation ceremony at O’Meara Campus.

Ramps Corporate Identity Manual

In 2014, Ramps Customs Logistics was growing from its base in Trinidad to other locations in the Caribbean, and asked us for a CI manual to pass around its various office locations.

View the Ramps Corporate Identity Manual

In 2016, we were asked by Ramps to conduct market research and to develop a new look and feel for their brand. Based on our research findings, we developed three design suggestions for them. Here are some of the visual highlights!



Citizen’s Bank (Guyana) Advertising Campaign

For financial institutions it is important that they keep up with generational change in an ever-younger population. The challenge in this case was to rejuvenate on a minimal budget. We came up with suggestions that were culturally relevant – like the plane banner in a country with vast distances – or the brochures in the form of shopping bags that could be put to good use by customers and create a talking point between people. And hey, in 2008 swiping images on your smartphone was still pretty cutting-edge tech!

Download PDF of Right Here Right Now Campaign Highlights

Soundbed Techno Track with Jingle:

TV Advertisement 1: Time is of the Essence

TV Advertisement 2: Thrift is Your Best Investment


Angostura Internal Branding

Stand out in the Noticeboard Clutter!

In 2010, we got a really nice assignment from Angostura’s HR department. HR felt that its messages were not getting through to the workers, and rightly got us to do an internal branding campaign for them.  We developed a template for the department to be used in all its communications (powerpoint presentations, information leaflets and so on). Part of the roll-out were more or less wacky posters that really stood out when pinned on the cluttered noticeboards in the factory and offices. Here are some samples!

BG Trinidad and Tobago Visitor Information & Safety package

With BG being an international company, BG T&T hires many expatriates each year. To accommodate these newcomers, BG provides a Visitor Information & Safety package. The Visitor Information leaflet provides information about accommodation, emergency contacts, grocery stores, a map of Port of Spain and a variety of other tidbits to make the transition into a new country easier for these employees and their families. The Office Emergency Leaflet  prepares the expats for all worst-case scenarios. With these 2 brochures in hand, visitors can be prepared for any situation that comes their way. Custom-illustrated map by Ryan James.