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Ministry of Finance TTIFC Symposium Booklet

For the Ministry of Finance’s Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre ‘Expanding and Diversifying the Economy’ symposium held in 2008,  we created a booklet presenting post-symposium information. This booklet (also available in CD-format), contains the speeches given at the symposium and slides from the main powerpoint presentation. It serves to fill those who did not attend in on what they’d missed, as well as serves as a memory-freshener for those who were present.

Citizen’s Bank (Guyana) Advertising Campaign

For financial institutions it is important that they keep up with generational change in an ever-younger population. The challenge in this case was to rejuvenate on a minimal budget. We came up with suggestions that were culturally relevant – like the plane banner in a country with vast distances – or the brochures in the form of shopping bags that could be put to good use by customers and create a talking point between people. And hey, in 2008 swiping images on your smartphone was still pretty cutting-edge tech!

Download PDF of Right Here Right Now Campaign Highlights

Soundbed Techno Track with Jingle:

TV Advertisement 1: Time is of the Essence

TV Advertisement 2: Thrift is Your Best Investment