BG Trinidad and Tobago Visitor Information & Safety package

With BG being an international company, BG T&T hires many expatriates each year. To accommodate these newcomers, BG provides a Visitor Information & Safety package. The Visitor Information leaflet provides information about accommodation, emergency contacts, grocery stores, a map of Port of Spain and a variety of other tidbits to make the transition into a new country easier for these employees and their families. The Office Emergency Leaflet  prepares the expats for all worst-case scenarios. With these 2 brochures in hand, visitors can be prepared for any situation that comes their way. Custom-illustrated map by Ryan James.

BG Trinidad and Tobago Employee Handbook

Working with as large as a company as BG, it is easy to feel like a little fish in a big pond. Working closely with BG’s Corporate Communications department, we were able to create an employee handbook that ensures this overwhelming feeling is taken care of, providing all of the information that employees should know. While observing visuals encompassing each aspect of life in BG, employees can read about benefits, career paths, rules and much more; everything you need to know to get the most out of your job experience.