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Alice Besson

Alice Besson

Managing Director of Paria Publishing, Alice is a multi-lingual writer, photographer and graphic designer with a Master’s Degree in Social and Business Communications from Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany. Her main strengths are creative concepts and the academic rigour of research and writing of corporate histories.

Dominic Besson

Director of Paria Publishing, Dominic is an experienced graphic artist. Before joining the company in 2002, Dominic worked as a pre-press technician with many years experience in the art department and pre-press of Impact Pre-Press, The Office Authority Limited and Trinidad and Tobago Printing Works. Today, his specialities are designs of modern and creative corporate reports and brochures, such as for Beacon Insurance, TECU and PLIPDECO), company magazines and advertisements.


Gerard Besson 15

Gerard Besson

Chairman and Founder of Paria Publishing, Jerry has forty years experience in the advertising and communications industry. And when it comes to exhibition and museum design, he is the specialist at Paria Publishing. A dedicated historian, there is little he doesn’t know about the history of Trinidad and Tobago. He is the driving force behind Paria’s historical archive that can make thousands of historical photographs and documents available for customers who are looking for content. Jerry is an independent scholar and author.


Zoë Almandoz

­Editor and graphic artist at Paria Publishing.  Before joining the company in 2013, Zoë studied Geography with Geology at the University of Southampton, England. On returning to Trinidad she decided to leave the sciences behind and pursue her true passions; writing, editing and history. This young multi-talent brings a fresh wind into all of Paria Publishing’s divisions; book design, commercial productions and branding concepts.  

Only the Best!

Paria Publishing also works with great freelancers, such as experienced photographer Abigail Hadeed, up-and-coming illustrators Ryan James and Gabriella d’Abreau, video veterans Smith & Smith, Visual Art or Advance Dynamics, and sound specialist and composer Francis Escayg. Not to mention our fabulous, eagle-eyed editors and proofreaders, Jannine Horsford among them!

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