Corporate Publishing

Accurate & Affordable

Annual reports, magazines and other corporate publications, artwork of company accounts for newspapers or online throughout the Caribbean, production of institutional and ministerial publications, advertising and branding, packaging and vehicle design. We assist self-publishers to get their books into print. Paria designs museum exhibits and creates company archives, histories and biographies.

Publications for the Judicial Sector

For many years, Paria Publishing has been working extensively on publications for the Judiciary of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean Court of Justice, and for Her Honour Justice Deborah Thomas-Felix of the Industrial Court of Trinidad and Tobago. It’s an important body of work, used by countless legal practitioners, of which we are very proud.

Portfolio of Publications

Gérard A. Besson, HBM, D.Litt.h.c.
Chairman and Founder

Jerry has fifty years experience in the advertising and communications industry. And when it comes to exhibition and museum design, he is the specialist at Paria Publishing.

Alice Besson, M.A.
Managing Director

Alice is a multi-lingual writer, photographer and graphic designer with a Master’s Degree in Social and Business Communications from Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany.

Dominic Besson

Dominic is an experienced graphic artist. Before joining the company in 2002, Dominic worked as a pre-press technician with many years experience in the art department and pre-press.