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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a magazine or newsletter published?
Whether online or as a printed product or both: a magazine or newsletter is a great extension to your brand. Be it an internal newsletter where your staff can celebrate their hard work, or a stakeholder magazine to feature your community activities, or a trade magazine that features third-party content about the brand world that you operate in: you will always add value to your brand by producing a magazine. Paria Publishing can assist you in every step of the way: from planning the editorial content, to design and layout, to printing and distribution. And we ensure that your content is proofread properly!
How much does it cost?
Similar to a book project, it's good to plan your magazine or newsletter project from the finished product:
  • if your mag/newsletter is for digital distribution only or printed
  • how many pages are you planning for
  • do you have all the material (text & images) or do you need material written / photos taken
  • how many magazines/newsletter would you like to get
  • what is the page size of your magazine
  • would you like us to see about the shipping and distribution
We provide a PDF file for your website free of charge.
How long will it take?
Depending on how prepared you are with your content and on how many pages the magazine or newsletter has, the production can take from 2 weeks for a simple staff newsletter to about 3 months for a complex magazine. It's always good to start early on an issue, even when you don't have all the content as yet!