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Our own publishing activities are focused on books about the history and folklore of Trinidad and Tobago. These include classics by various authors and are distributed via local bookstores and online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a book published?
Paria Publishing's publishing arm specializes in books about the history of Trinidad and Tobago (including historical fiction). We would hardly consider any other material for publication. Our actual publishing activities are very limited; maybe one or two books a year. However, if you have a manuscript on any topic that you wish to self-publish, in which case you need to finance the publication, then we can give you a quotation what this would approximately cost. The first thing that you need to understand is the difference between publishing and producing. He who pays is the publisher. So if you have written a book and you are now paying to get illustrations, book design and printing done, then you are a self-publisher and you retain the rights to your publication. The producer of the book works for a fee, but has no rights to the publication. Producing means seeing about all the steps required that get the manuscript to the finished book. You can also submit your manuscript to a publisher to publish this book for you. In this case, you give up all say with regards to the production of the book (i.e. choice of illustrator, what the book looks like etc.), and the distribution channels. All you would receive are royalties as the books are sold.
How much does it cost?
Paria Publishing usually undertakes to be the producers for your book, not the publishers. In that case, we do the design and layout of the book and see about getting it printed and delivered to you. For this, Paria Publishing charges a fee for design and layout, and the printers charge for the printing. You can then organize the distribution of your book. You have a manuscript and are ready to publish it as a self-publisher? Paria Publishing can organise the design and layout and the printing of your book. As a self-publisher, the financing of your book production is up to you. To find out what it would cost to get your book into print, we can start with sending you an estimate. To price your self-publishing project, we would need the following specifications:
  • how many pages does your manuscript have (as a Word document)
  • does your book contain images / photographs
  • do you have all the material (text & images)
  • do your pictures require scanning
  • how many books would you like to get
  • what is the page size of your book
  • would you like a hardcover or softcover finish
  • is your book printed in full colour or just black text
  • where would you like to have your books shipped to
If you have artwork already, and your book is print-ready, you can proceed directly to a printer and do not have to go via us—we are a design and artwork house. Please note that Paria Publishing does NOT distribute or market books for self-publishers.
How long will it take?
The process varies, but experience has shown that it usually takes between 3-6 months to transform your book from manuscript to finished product.