Branding and Advertising

We design logos and symbols, corporate identity, branding concepts and manuals, calendars and advertising campaigns in collaboration with your marketing and merchandising departments.

We develop packaging designs, vehicle wraps and POP materials, and do in-house product photography. We also create ads & jingles for radio and television.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a branding manual or advertisements done?
It all starts with a conversation, where we find out what you would like to achieve with your brand or with the communications campaign you have in mind. We then do a bit of research to find out what your brand world is like, what your competitors are doing, who your potential customers are etc. From those results, depending on your necessities, we then come up with a suggested design approach for a number of items that could help your brand - for example, a new logo and how it is used, the typefaces and colours that communicate your brand or product, and applications like signage for your premises, packaging for your products, point-of-purchase promotional material, a new website or Facebook site, print advertising, corporate collaterals and many other possibilities. It all depends on what works for you! We can also assist you in rolling out a new brand or product to your internal and external audiences.
How much does it cost?
To price your branding or advertising project depends on a number of factors, among others:
  • your production budget
  • the level or research that is required (e.g. do you need focus groups or interviews?)
  • the complexity of production work that is required (e.g. if photography or videography is necessary)
  • and don't forget your media budget too!
We provide a detailed production estimate after our initial conversation.
How long will it take?
Short deadline? No problem! Call us!