Annual Reports & Corporate Publishing

We work closely with your corporate secretary, financial controller and auditors to ensure fast and confidential production of your accounts (including assisting you with the writing of the Chairman’s or Managing Directors’ reports and photography of your Board and Management), and prepare company account layouts for publication in newspapers throughout the Caribbean. And we are terribly pedantic about spelling and grammar!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an annual report published?
After an initial conversation about what kind of theme you would like to express in your annual report, we come up with some creative design options for your cover and interior pages. You can choose from those and then the production process starts: depending to your necessities, we can take photographs of your premises, board, staff, and products, source suitable stock photography, proofread your front matter, even write your chairman's report or MD&A. We will then need all your graphs as Excel charts, your financials in Excel or Word, and scans of the signatures to be used in the report to complete the design and layout.
How much does it cost?
To price your annual report, we would need the following specifications:
  • whether it's a digital report or if you would like printed copies
  • how many printed reports would you like to get
  • how many pages do you estimate the final report will be
  • if you require photography
  • what is the page size of your report
  • would you like it perfect bound (with a spine) or stapled
  • is your report to be printed in full colour or are parts or all of it in black & white
  • would you like to get your reports shipped by the printery
We will supply a PDF file of the report to upload onto your website free of charge.
How long will it take?
The process varies, but experience has shown that it usually takes approx. 3 months from initial design to finished report. So it's important to start early depending on your statutory deadline!