Angostura Annual Reports & “Distiller” Magazines

Enhancing the Brand of Angostura Rums & Bitters

For more than two decades, Paria Publishing has been a steady supplier for the House of Angostura in Trinidad, purveyors of the world-famous Angostura┬« aromatic bitters and many premium rums and other drinks. While our activities have basically spanned almost all aspects of marketing, advertising and corporate communications, including the creation of the Angostura Museum, a large aspect of our corporate publishing activities for the company was the work we did on their annual reports and their company magazine “The Distiller”. We researched, wrote, took photos, edited, designed and produced!

We also wrote and designed a number of books for Angostura, such as the seminal “Angostura Story”, “A Work of Art” which featured Angostura’s art collection, and “The Angostura Historical Digest of Trinidad and Tobago” in two editions.