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Product Photography

Set the Scene for your Products

Many of our customers require photography for their various social media posts, websites, POP and advertising collaterals. Over the years, we have photographed thousands of products with our portable studio: from rum bottles to cement bags, from pencils to pralinés, from toilet paper to ketchup, to cute fluffy mascots that pranced around in our studio!

We also do portrait photography of boards of directors, managers, chefs, staff members, bartenders, and so on on location for the annual reports and magazines that we produce for our customers.

Angostura: Bottle and Cocktail Shots

Agostini’s: Product Shots

National Flour Mills: So much more than flour! (like baking powder and dog food …)

John Dickinson W.I. – Snuggle, DelaCare, Fox, Carlton’s Choice

Logo Design

Agostini’s Limited Annual Reports

From Product Photography to Creative Designs!

Category: Annual Reports & Corporate Publishing
Client: Agostini’s Limited
Year: 2004-2017
Photography of Directors/Products: Alice Besson

SL Horsford Annual Reports

Smooth Production for Shipping “Up the Islands”

Category: Corporate Publishing
Client: SL Horsford Group of Companies (St. Kitts & Nevis)
Year: 2004-2020
Covers: Wallis Wilkin