Corporate and Shareholder Notices

A variety of stakeholder non-financial communications

We assist companies with designing vacancy announcements, abandoned property ads, retirement and appointment ads, congratulatory notices and many other types of non-financial communications.

John Dickinson West Indies – Snuggle & DelaCare

Advertising for Snuggle

“Snuggle” is John Dickinson’s flagship paper product brand: bathroom tissue, hand towels and napkins. We were entrusted to produce a host of advertising materials and packaging designs for this brand.

  • POP Displays
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Packaging Designs
  • Carrying Bags
  • Product Photography
  • Print Advertisements and Billboards
  • Social Media Posts
  • Desk Planners
  • Vehicle Wraps

Advertising for Stationery Products (Maped, Crayola, Natural, Stabilo etc.)

For John Dickinson’s various stationery brands, we provide catalogues, flyers, product photography, social media posts, and desk planners.

Advertising for DelaCare

DelaCare is John Dickinson’s brand for bathroom tissue dispensers, hand soap dispensers, and supplies. We created sales brochures, desk planners and social media posts for this brand.

The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago

We help you to get your event off the ground, both virtual or in person!

We have everything in our toolbox to promote and conduct your conference or webinar:

  • advertising
  • virtual booth design
  • web banners
  • invitations
  • reminder cards
  • programmes and agendas
  • PowerPoint templates
  • e-mail signatures

Customer: The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago
Designs: Theron Morris / Alice Besson

Logo Design

Demerara Mutual Advertising Campaigns (Guyana)

“You have a Friend in Demerara Mutual – Christmas Message”

We really loved that an employee of the company voiced the final Christmas greeting for this ad. It adds so much warmth to the message!

Calypso Riddim Radio Ad for DemFire, Guyana

We love how Ras, our talent from Guyana, rendered this jingle! He was on the basketball team of our security guard in 2012. We also recorded the ad with a professional soca singer, but boy did we like Ras’s rendition better!

“So your son want to take de car (One more worry)
and your daughter now start to drive (Lawd have mercy)
Be insured with Demerara
It’s one worry less in your life.”

Calendars to join the Generations.

While we all have electronic calendars now, Demerara Mutual always felt that Caribbean homes need beautiful things on their walls, and Caribbean families need tools for interaction between the generations. We created many outstanding calendars for DM, some with folklore stories, some with cricket rules, some with cut-out animals (painted beautifully by Gabriella D’Abreau) and some with mazes!

2005: Amerindian Folk Tales

2006: Folklore of the Caribbean

2007: Cricket, lovely Cricket (on occasion of the World Cup)

2008: Fruits & Vegetables / Recipes

2009: Water = Life

2010: Seasonings of the Caribbean

2011: Cut out for Life (animals/cutout shapes with original watercolours by Gabriella Dabreu)

2012: Be A-Mazed (maze puzzles)

2013: The Rules of the Game – Celebrating Sports in the Caribbean

2014: Health – Wealth- Happiness (Fitness)

2015: Sunny Side Up (Mental Health)

National Flour Mills

Print Advertisements & Product Photography

Media Backdrop and Banners

Research, Writing and Design of Newspaper Supplement

Unilever Caribbean

Factory Signage

Staff Noticeboards with Acrylic Pouches

On-Premise Posters

Press Advertisements

Real Estate Sales Brochures

The Meadows

Sporting Icons Resorts

Au Ciaque

Ministry of Finance – Calendars

Vibrant planners that brighten up dreary office cubicles!

2012: Celebrating the Independence of Trinidad and Tobago with photographs by Alice Besson

2013: Painting a brighter Future for T&T with original illustrations by Ryan James

2014: Step-by-Step Guide to Financial Success with infographics by Dominic Besson

2015: Abstract design in blue and gold

RBTT / RBC Financial (Caribbean)

Corporate Publishing, Branding and Advertising for the RBC Caribbean Banking Network

We cannot begin to tell you how proud we are of our work for RBC in the Caribbean. We started out working for the bank when it was still called RBTT (it became RBC again in 2008), and a successful collaboration on an annual report grew into more than a decade of a broad-based range of production services for the bank’s corporate communications, marketing, HR, finance and legal departments.