National Investment Fund Annual Report

Reporting on the National Investment Fund

Category: Corporate Publishing
Client: Ministry of Finance of Trinidad and Tobago (National Investment Fund)
Year: 2019/2020
Cover Photo: Alice Besson


Logo Design

Ministry of Finance Budget Documents

Preparing Trinidad and Tobago’s Budget Documents

Category: Corporate Publishing
Client: Ministry of Finance of Trinidad and Tobago
Year: 2006-2019
Cover design: Paria Publishing, Christian Smart, Agency

Heritage and Stabilisation Fund Annual Reports

Annual Report Publishing for Government

Category: Annual Reports
Client: Ministry of Finance of Trinidad and Tobago
Year: 2012-2020

Museum of the Sugar Industry at Sevilla House

Tracing the History of Sugar as a “Memorial of the Name”

In 2015, Paria Publishing was given the opportunity (and two rooms) in Sevilla House, Brechin Castle, Couva, to conceptualise and design an exhibit about the history of the sugar industry in Trinidad and Tobago. It’s a beautiful location in Central Trinidad, and thanks to Peter Sorzano and his Signs & Designs crew who undertook fabrication and installation of our designs and artwork, we were able to finish on time and within budget!

Take a Tour of the Virtual Museum at Sevilla House on our Blog! Click here to read the Timeline of Sugar in Trinidad and Tobago on our Blog!

Ministry of Finance – Calendars

Vibrant planners that brighten up dreary office cubicles!

2012: Celebrating the Independence of Trinidad and Tobago with photographs by Alice Besson

2013: Painting a brighter Future for T&T with original illustrations by Ryan James

2014: Step-by-Step Guide to Financial Success with infographics by Dominic Besson

2015: Abstract design in blue and gold

Ministry of Energy “The Energy Platform” Magazine

The design and layout of the Energy Platform Magazine was an enjoyable first time collaboration with the Ministry of Energy Affairs. The Energy Platform highlights the projects undertaken by the Ministry during 2014 and showcases the handwork and dedication of key people and their participation in special events.

Designer: Dominic Besson

Printed by: Caribbean Print Technologies

Ministry of Public Utilities Water Resources Management Policy

The Ministry of Public Utilities, together with The Environment Water Resources Management Unit came to us in 2007 to assist them in creating their National Integrated Water Resources Management Policy. We worked with them to create a visually appealing booklet which presented its information in a structured and straightforward manner.

Ministry of Finance TTIFC Symposium Booklet

For the Ministry of Finance’s Trinidad and Tobago International Financial Centre ‘Expanding and Diversifying the Economy’ symposium held in 2008,  we created a booklet presenting post-symposium information. This booklet (also available in CD-format), contains the speeches given at the symposium and slides from the main powerpoint presentation. It serves to fill those who did not attend in on what they’d missed, as well as serves as a memory-freshener for those who were present.