Corporate and Shareholder Notices

A variety of stakeholder non-financial communications

We assist companies with designing vacancy announcements, abandoned property ads, retirement and appointment ads, congratulatory notices and many other types of non-financial communications.

Quarterly Financial Reports

Accurate and on time information for shareholders and unitholders

We produce quarterly, semi-annual and annual financial reports for publication in the press and for direct distribution to shareholders and unitholders.

National Investment Fund Annual Report

Reporting on the National Investment Fund

Category: Corporate Publishing
Client: Ministry of Finance of Trinidad and Tobago (National Investment Fund)
Year: 2019/2020
Cover Photo: Alice Besson


Books for the Financial Sector

Over the years, Paria Publishing has researched, written, designed and produced a number of history books for the Trinidad and Tobago financial sector, viz. Republic Bank, RBTT / RBC, Scotiabank, Citi and TECU Credit Union. Most recently, we have completed the history of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.

Alice Besson has co-authored with her husband Gérard A. Besson a number of historical accounts of institutions and corporations, namely Alstons/McEnearney (today ANSA McAl), Scotiabank, M. Hamel-Smith and Co. and the family history of the Harford and the Lewis families.

She co-authored the history of Cannings/HiLo (today Massy Stores) with Gillian Royes and that of TECU Credit Union with Mary Shand. She researched and wrote the first draft of the history of Neal & Massy, the Syrian Lebanese Women’s Association and the biography of architect Anthony Lewis.

Books solely researched and written by Besson are the history of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago—today RBC Financial (Caribbean) Limited, Republic Bank Limited’s second historical account, and the history of Laughlin & De Gannes. She also wrote the biographical section of masman Wayne Berkeley and designed his book on costume design.

With the exceptions of the three first drafts mentioned above, all books mentioned above were designed by her and produced by Paria Publishing, as were the historical accounts of Citibank, Naparima Girls’ High School, the Court of Appeal of Trinidad and Tobago, and the biographies of Anthony Sabga (ANSA McAl), written by Bridget Brereton and Raymond Ramcharitar, Sidney Knox (Neal & Massy), written by Robert Clarke, Dr. Rupert Indar (Southern Medical), written by Hamid Ghany, Abdou Joseph Sabga, written by Joseph Abdo and Natalya Sabga, and the autobiographies of Clinton Bernard (Chief Justice) and Therese Mills (Newsday).

At the launch of the historical publications by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago in 2019. Author Alice Besson is flanked by former Governors Dr. Euric Bobb, Ainsworth Harewood and Eward Williams.

Logo Design

Demerara Mutual Advertising Campaigns (Guyana)

“You have a Friend in Demerara Mutual – Christmas Message”

We really loved that an employee of the company voiced the final Christmas greeting for this ad. It adds so much warmth to the message!

Calypso Riddim Radio Ad for DemFire, Guyana

We love how Ras, our talent from Guyana, rendered this jingle! He was on the basketball team of our security guard in 2012. We also recorded the ad with a professional soca singer, but boy did we like Ras’s rendition better!

“So your son want to take de car (One more worry)
and your daughter now start to drive (Lawd have mercy)
Be insured with Demerara
It’s one worry less in your life.”

Calendars to join the Generations.

While we all have electronic calendars now, Demerara Mutual always felt that Caribbean homes need beautiful things on their walls, and Caribbean families need tools for interaction between the generations. We created many outstanding calendars for DM, some with folklore stories, some with cricket rules, some with cut-out animals (painted beautifully by Gabriella D’Abreau) and some with mazes!

2005: Amerindian Folk Tales

2006: Folklore of the Caribbean

2007: Cricket, lovely Cricket (on occasion of the World Cup)

2008: Fruits & Vegetables / Recipes

2009: Water = Life

2010: Seasonings of the Caribbean

2011: Cut out for Life (animals/cutout shapes with original watercolours by Gabriella Dabreu)

2012: Be A-Mazed (maze puzzles)

2013: The Rules of the Game – Celebrating Sports in the Caribbean

2014: Health – Wealth- Happiness (Fitness)

2015: Sunny Side Up (Mental Health)

TECU Credit Union Annual Reports

Creative Annual Reports for T&T’s largest Credit Union

Category: Annual Reports
Client: TECU Credit Union
Years: 2003-2020

RBTT Bank Grenada and St. Kitts and Nevis Annual Reports

Annual Reports for RBTT in St. Kitts & Nevis and in Grenada

Category: Annual Reports
Client: RBTT Bank (SKN) Limited and RBTT Grenada Limited
Years: 2009-2020

CariCRIS Annual Reports

An important Caribbean Financial Service: CariCRIS

Category: Annual Reports
Client: Caribbean Information & Credit Rating Services Limited (CariCRIS)
Years: 2017-2023
Photographs of Directors: Alice Besson
Cover designs: Dominic Besson

Financial Intelligence Unit of Trinidad and Tobago Annual Reports

Annual Report Publishing for the FIU

Client: Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)
Year: 2010-2017